Impact of the Use of Science and Technology in the Society

The use of science and technology in the society has brought both positive and negative impacts to the society. As a matter of fact, technology has been embraced by many sectors of the society such impacts has been experienced in various areas such as the economy, education, and the social sectors. The use of technology has been criticized by many people some are supporting its use as some are against it. Bill Joy in her article has suggested that people need to practice relinquishment in the face of particular technologies and breakthroughs (Joy, 2000). As per my opinion, I disagree with Bill Joy since she has majorly failed to understand the positive impact of science and technology to the society. In fact, technology has more positive results as compared to the negative impacts

Suppose there was no advancement in technology, then the community would have suffered so much. For instances, in the health sectors, people would have continued to die due to improper treatment and care hence, this could have led to many loss of lives. Due to technology diseases such as cancer can be controlled. Doctors are also able to provide various diagnoses through the use of modern machines. Technology has also led to many positive impacts on sectors such as agriculture and education.

I disagree with Bill Joy by saying that technology makes people become much-endangered species. Also, I do not agree with her statement that people will be controlled by machine and people will never have the opportunity to think on their own. My point is that it is the people who have control over the technologies; people are in a position to control the use of technologies depending on the significances of technology to them. For instances, if the technology has more positive values then its use will be justified unlike when it has more negative values. It is the people who initiate the programs of machines.

As depicted in the use of technology should be encouraged without much restriction since technology will lead to increased living standard among other benefits.