5 More Places to Find Powerful Creative Ideas

It’s difficult to find proper inspiration on the web when you need it the most. With so many options at our disposal, getting into the creative groove as soon as possible is often a labor of patience and persistence. It can be hard to find actually useful information on creative ideas that you can implement to your work. What are some of the best places to find powerful, useful ideas for your design projects?

  1. Pinterest ^(https://bannerad-design.com/goto/https://www.pinterest.com/)

As one of the most popular creative sites on the web, Pinterest has a long history of being a tool of choice for designers around the world. The site functions as a hub of sorts for many other creative platforms, combining that content in one place.

This means that you can create personalized boards and collect inspiring content from around the web, all through Pinterest. The main feature of Pinterest is “pinning” useful and interesting design pieces (from a vast array of categories) and sharing them with your peers. Creatives around the world will do the same for you, ensuring that you are always inspired to do more creative work.

  1. Tumblr ^(https://bannerad-design.com/goto/https://www.tumblr.com/)

Combining the best aspects of social media platforms as well as creative ideas of designers and artists around the world, Tumblr has built a reputation for itself. The platform allows you to browse through thousands of profiles and specialized pages that revolve around different types of design and art.

You can find everything from sketches and collages to photography and oil paintings on Tumblr. In order to filter the content you don’t really need, the site encourages you to create your own profile and start sorting the content you can use in your own work.

  1. 99designs ^(https://bannerad-design.com/goto/https://99designs.com/contests)

As a unique contender on my list, 99designs can serve a multitude of purposes. The site itself specializes in freelance design work but it also provides would-be designers and desperate creatives with a boost of confidence.

Their specialized blog offers a number of useful and creative posts that pop up constantly and cover varying topics on design. You can easily get inspired and start working again if you take a look at some of the work done by resident designers who work on 99 fulltime. If you feel confident enough, you can try your hand at some of the contest as well.

  1. AdsOfTheWorld ^(https://bannerad-design.com/goto/http://www.adsoftheworld.com/cards)

For the creative minds working in the marketing industry, Ads of the World offers a unique place for inspiration and discovery. The site operates as a form of a hub for creative studios and companies to promote their work done for in-house clients, meaning that you can learn from actual examples rather than concepts.

Ads also promotes interaction and communication between creatives and marketing firms across the world, so there is also a chance of being hired if you are looking for new contracts. This is a great place to find creative inspiration for your work if you are stuck on a project or simply want to stay up to date on latest developments in design and marketing.

  1. DesignInspiration ^(https://bannerad-design.com/goto/https://www.designspiration.net/)

Lastly, Design Inspiration offers a similar experience to Pinterest, but with heavy emphasis on design and the creative industry. You will rarely come across a piece of content not related to design, and the “Random” search option ensures that you will always find something new to explore and think about.

Following this site daily can help you stay in touch with your inner creative while also being able to provide new and interesting design solutions for your clients. Once you set up your account and start personalizing your search results, Design Inspiration will become your go-to place for brainstorming and creative problem solving.