How Important Is Readability in the Digital Age

There are more companies who are shifting their attention toward digital communication. This means less one-to-one meetings and direct calls. Companies are building customer support departments who are using online tools to answer their customer’s inquiries. The main reason why companies are going digital is that it helps them reduce their cost. In addition, customers are shifting their attention to digital. They want it to be simple and easier so that they will have a pleasant experience. However, if your content is not readable and difficult to understand, then you have failed in adapting to the digital age.

Perceptions of Readability in the Digital Age

  • Online reading is completely different than paper reading

Even though online content is more convenient and easier to access, copywriters should pay attention to the readability score. Regardless of how high is their literacy level, people have different levels of reading and understanding an online in comparison to a printed text. When they are in front of their mobile devices, people will first scan the text and then decide if they will read it from beginning to end or not. In most cases, they read only a quarter of the entire text, without focusing their attention on each word. Why this situation appears? Digital users are usually looking for specific information. Thus, they are not very open to reading the entire text if they feel that they won’t find it.

When you create your content, it is not enough to just adapt your text to the digital format. You will also need your text to be easier to understand and accessible to everyone. Therefore, you will need to first understand how to formulate the text for your target audience and which are the best words to use for each circumstance. For example, if you focus on short words and phrases, you will make your content more user-friendly and increase your readability score. On the other hand, when you use too many long words, you will risk that your readers will miss the shorter words which come after them.

  • Readability is strongly connected to web accessibility

Not all people are the same. There are some who are able to read complex texts, while there are others which deal with learning disabilities. Furthermore, if you use long and complicated words, you may have visitors who will read them word by word which will make them lose time and leave your website. Irrespective of who is your target audience, you should set your audience’s education level to medium. Not everyone has graduated from university. However, your website will be visited by various categories of people in their search to get an answer to their question. This means that you should be prepared for those people who don’t easily understand a text as well as those who don’t need too much time to get the main idea from your content. For example, you should reduce jargon and other elements which decrease your readability score.


Readability will tell how easy will your visitors read your text. When you think of readability, you should also think of your sentences and words length, word familiarity, and syllable density. On top of that, even though you know who is your target audience, you should also assume that your text will be read by people with lower education levels also. Thus, readability plays a crucial role in the digital world.