How to Know If Your Idea Is a Good One

Do you have an idea but don’t know if it’s a good one or not? Well, if your latest problem is indecision, then you should have a look at some strategies on how to find out if your idea is worth trying.

The attitude test – ‘moth to the flame’ ^( and ‘the frown’ ^(

These two ideas describe more or less the same effect, specifically – how your idea is perceived by the people you present it to. In the “moth to the flame” test, you can label your idea as ‘good’ once you notice that when you detail it to people, they will have a positive attitude towards it.

“The frown” test is the fastest indicator of the attractiveness of your idea. So, let’s say again that you present your idea to a group of people. If the first thing you notice is frowning, then maybe you shouldn’t go on with it.

These tests can also be used when you analyze your career path possibilities, when you’re not sure if you should eat that ice cream or not when you are on a diet when you don’t know if you should ask person X to a date, etc.

However, keep in mind that for the last three examples, you should know the people you’re putting to the “test”. They need to have a background picture of the situation while for a business idea, it’s better if you ask people that don’t know all the background details.

The experiment

It doesn’t necessarily exclude the previous strategy, but it takes into account many other steps. The first one is assessing if the idea answers any needs or if it solves a real problem people confront themselves with. That means that you notice that there is a request for the product or service you think of giving life to.

If you aren’t sure if there is a request for your idea, maybe you should use a website landing page or a minimum viable product. ^( The second step is the cost-profit analysis. So, in the beginning, you shouldn’t invest a lot of money in your idea.

You should also experiment when trying to figure out what is the best career path if you do not know exactly where to start. It is a good idea when you assess your skills and the market’s needs and you notice that there is a demand or if you observe that your skills and creativity can bring something new. Then just give it a try.

Experimenting is a good strategy in many other life situations. For instance, you want to buy a new TV, but you do not know if it fits in your small apartment, as the one you want to buy seems too big in the store. Cut a cardboard and create a TV of the same dimensions. It will help you decide.

Your passion

People can’t seem to agree if it’s better to follow your passion ^( or not. For sure, passion alone is rarely a recipe for success. It’s ideal to use it in a package with the other two strategies, as passion is the engine that keeps your focus and helps you get over any failure faster.

The other bonus is that you will enjoy the process more ^(, which usually leads to new creative ideas – as we explore more when we are passionate about something.

It also applies to find a suitable job. It is not bad to let yourself guided by passion, but it is even better if you mix it with experience.

Final thoughts

Do not let indecision ruin your day and focus on what you have to do. Take it slowly, talk with as many people as you need to, and, in the end, you will find out if your idea is good or not.