The Best Pepsi Football Commercials

Modern football is a multi-billion industry and Pepsi seized the opportunity to reach out to the game lovers. A refreshing drink at the game is a capping moment, but that is not the driving concept behind the football commercials. Sales and profitability are the main drivers, as all social media marketing essays say.

Most Pepsi football commercials feature prominent personalities in the game in order to make the product resonate with followers in different global markets.

Sporting personalities have an undeniable influence on purchasing decisions. There is a high likelihood of supporters buying a product featuring their favorite athletes compared to those that do not. Fans of Lionel Messi, the modern game great player, are unlikely to pass the opportunity to enjoy beverages that feature their icon.

Football presents a lucrative marketing platform. No brand can pass the chance to showcase its products if the opportunity presents itself. To put this in perspective, it is important to show how influential football can be by examining some aspects of its largest global event – the FIFA World Cup tournament.

For instance, the 2014 final between Germany and Argentina (won by Germany), was watched by 562 million people. The whole event attracted approximately 1.2 billion viewers over the 1-month period.

By having its commercial run along with the game, Pepsi can reach millions of viewers worldwide.

The world cup has the largest viewership and not even the Super Bowl comes close. However, Pepsi commercials are not limited to the mega event. There are football leagues across the world that continue to attract millions of viewership. They form the best platforms for Pepsi commercials.

Most fan-favorite players featured in Pepsi football commercials play in these leagues.

Pepsi is not entirely a footballing brand compared to brands such as Nike and Adidas. However, this has not prevented Pepsis from running some of the best football commercials.

“The Football Warriors” commercial

The commercial is ranked among other greats in the football world.

The 2004 Pepsi commercial features football great Totti, Roberto Carlos, Beckham, Raul, Torres, Ronaldinho, and Fabregas as cowboys and medieval warriors. David Beckham is the original mass-marketable football superstar in this epic medieval adventure from Pepsi.

In the video of the commercial, a group of invaders attacks a town to rob it of its treasures. They succeed in collecting all the Pepsi, but a few individuals stand up to them in an action-filled football duel.

The defenders of the town salvage the caged Pepsi by winning the football match that features an iconic and legendary free kick by Roberto Carlos. Beckham enjoys Pepsi and signs an autograph for a young fan.

“Pepsi MAX commercial”

Pepsi MAX is a new brilliant commercial ad featuring football stars Lionel Messi, Toni Kroos, Dele Alli, Marcelo and Carli Lloyd.

The ad was released to mark the 2018 Pepsi campaign ‘Love it. Live it. Football’. The campaign is part of PepsiCo’s strategy to bring football to the street through the game’s famed players and unexpected experiences.

The ad shows the stars playing a form of football paintball. It highlights Pepsi’s practice of bringing entertainment to its football campaigns.

Beckham & All-Stars football team vs. SUMOS

The 2002 commercial features some great footballers of the 2000s in David Beckham, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Juan Sebastian Veron, Gigi Buffon, Emmanuel Petit, Rui Costa and Edgar Davids.

The ad is themed, World cup challenge – Don’t mess around with thirsty sumo!

The clip shows Beckham and his team square up against opponents almost twice as their size – the Japanese sumo wrestlers. The ultimate prize in contention is an icebox full of Pepsi.

The interesting part of the ad is the how it pulled off the epic styles and celebrations in footballing matches.

German Beer Hall

The 2006 Pepsi ad is another example of how Pepsi never fails to bring together leading football talents into its curious marketing situations.

In the bizarre ad, Pepsi had its soft drinks replace tankards of beer.

The ad features Pepsi’s mainstay players including David Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho and Frank Lampard.

The team, in unappealing Pepsi kits, squares up against German opponents. The prize of the game is the right to drink Pepsi from giant beer steins, a common practice among Bavarians.

Surf’s Up

The ad features beach football as Pepsi’s star players decide to teach a group of surfers a footballing lesson.

It features Beckham, Ronaldinho, Raul, Roberto Carlos and Thierry, the King who is cast as the main star in the video.

Pepsi is head and shoulders above traditional sports brands such as Nike and Adidas where commercial ads are concerned. Through the use of different footballing stars, the brand has wormed its way into the hearts of football fans.