The Tools List – How I OWN My Freelance Writing Business (Updated)

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Top 10 Must-Have Tools For Freelance Writers Working From Home

Freelance writing is an exciting career. However, it can be tiring and boring if you lack the required tools. You must be able to conduct in-depth research and come up with useful and original content to win more clients. Besides, you need to use a standing desk to mitigate several deadly health risks. Your long-term success lies in your ability to choose and use the best writing tools properly. Read on for the top tools that can make your life much more comfortable than ever.

Freelance writers have perfected the art of working from home due to the nature of their work. As many workers in various industries are struggling to choose the conventional office tools to use remotely as a result of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, the writers are using their available resources to try to increase their revenue. The businesses of some freelance writers who already have the right tools are thriving more today than ever.

If you are wondering how you can join this league of successful remote writers, be sure you have the tools, including a standing desk and editing tools, which are necessary for streamlining your drudgeries. Some of these are background research, finding new jobs, and creating user-friendly, accurate, and original content.

Standing Desk

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Freelance writers often sit for long hours to be able to help their clients to beat the deadlines. However, this is bad for their health. Studies have established that most people who sit for too long are prone to suffering from deadly health conditions. If, during or at the end of your workdays, you have been feeling stiffness in your joints, back, and neck, you need a standing desk.

An efficient standing desk can enhance your blood circulation and ensure that your hips remain flexible, which has a direct benefit on your overall health. As such, you need an ergonomic standing desk to prevent a different health condition from limiting your workplace productivity.

Business and Project Management Tools

These are the tools to help keep your business running smoothly. Things like storing your files and managing your various clients and the work they provide to you require some amount of planning and organization. These are the tools I use to keep myself on track.

    /Google Drive: It goes without saying that there is no point having all your work located on your local computer. You need to keep everything in the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere and you know it’s backed up. I use Dropbox Pro to hold all my documents and Google Drive to collaborate with others on documents. Both are free initially, but you can upgrade to the Pro versions to get access to more storage. I highly recommend this for Dropbox. Google Drive is accessed when you are logged into your Google account. : This is a free web based tool that allows you to track all your client projects. If you are outsourcing, you can assign tasks to others and track them all in the one place. You can set deadlines, manage content, and assign colors to different projects. It allows you to quickly see from your Dashboard what you’ve got going on and what’s outstanding. It’s a great way to keep track of everything client related. : Another solution that is in the cloud, this invoicing system allows you to keep track of who owes you money and who you owe money too. You can also track projects and time and assign expenses to clients. It makes accounting very easy. : If you are looking to expand your business and make use of your side gigs, this is the way to make yourself look professional and provide outstanding looking proposals. Loads of are templates available on BidSketch, and it connects with FreshBooks. It’s great to give you that professional edge. Not necessary when you are starting out, but a nice “have” once you are kicking butt! : I use this to host all my websites. They just make everything so easy! – All my websites are WordPress based. WordPress has over 1000 themes you can access for free, and it’s super simple to use. I would highly recommend this for your portfolio site and your personal blog. It’s super easy to install if you use HostGator as your hosting company as well. : Mind mapping is a great way to get various projects down visually. I use this for all my clients when I’m working with ongoing projects for them. I also use it for creating my own ebooks and outlining projects. : This is something new for my business in 2019. It’s an improvement over Trello in that you can set start and end dates to tasks and projects. It also allows for assigning subtasks to certain individuals. It is a more robust project management tool and with that comes more complexity and a bit of a learning curve.

Home office equipment

Microphone, windscreen, and pop filter – if you’re a guest on podcasts, record your own podcasts, or even just want to upgrade your sound for calls, this is a great way to do it. The microphone works with a USB cable so no fancy tech setup required.

Chair – use a chair that’s adjustable enough so you can sit in it comfortably for several hours. I chose Steelcase Leap; it’s pricy, but worth it. If you’re looking for more affordable options, Ikea is one of the best places to start.

Blue-light blocking glasses – super useful if you get eye strain from looking at the screen, and incredibly important if you ever get migraines. My blue-light blockers almost completely eliminated my migraines. The ones I have are ~3 years old and are no longer available, but they’re from this brand.

Laptop cover and pouch – if you take your laptop with you (to coffee shops, an external office, or when traveling), make sure you protect it from scratches and bumps. I like this pouch in particular because it’s slim and fits in any backpack.

Air quality monitor – if you feel fatigued while working, especially later in the day, it’s useful to keep track of carbon dioxide in your working space. I use this Netatmo monitor and it reminds me to open my windows to bring some fresh air in a few times per day.

Admin, website, and marketing tools

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) – email, calendar, and cloud storage (Google Drive) of all your client work in one place. A custom email address helps you build a more professional image, and having all your client Google Docs in one place is ridiculously practical.

Wise – the only tool I recommend if you’re working with/invoicing clients globally and across multiple currencies. I use Wise for accepting payments in euros, American dollars, and British pounds. Its fees and currency conversion rates are transparent, and way better/cheaper than PayPal and Stripe! Use this link to sign up and get a free international transfer of up to €500.

Dubsado – my go-to tool for intake forms on my website, contracts, and invoices. Simple to use on client’s end (contracts can be digitally signed!), and practical and centralized for me. Get 20% off your first month or year through this link.

SiteGround – my favorite hosting and a dream user experience. SiteGround powers my freelance writer website. It’s reliable and incredibly easy to set up and use! SiteGround’s team was huge help when I was migrating from a different provider.

Webflow – the site builder that powers this website. A great alternative to buying a separate hosting and website building tools and easy to get started with. I found Webflow University—their educational hub packed with videos and walkthroughs—extra helpful in my building process.

The Best Work Management Tools For Freelance Writers

30. Google Workspace

31. Trello

Trello Pros

Trello Cons

32. Loom

Loom Pros

Loom Cons

33. RescueTime

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