The Unexpected Paradox of Whitespace and How It Influences Users Experience

Despite many beliefs that the whitespace is a waste of space in website design, it actually plays an important role in customer experience. Whitespace, also known as negative space, is the empty space which you will find around and between the elements of a website page. Even though many would think that whitespace should be considered as a passive background, it is actually an active element. Why? Keep reading this article and discover the answer.

The Paradox of Whitespace

  • Whitespace improves content comprehension

Whitespace has a crucial role in helping users scan and read the content easier and faster. The space between various parts of your content is important because it helps your readers identify the page content. Whitespace influences the content legibility, allowing readers to discern between letters and words, and readability, helping them immediately scan the content. But, the paradox doesn’t end there. Even though more whitespace slows down the reading speed, it also improves reading comprehension.

  • It gives a feeling of luxury

It is clear that whitespace improves user experience. Moreover, whitespace has also a very powerful aesthetic purpose. You can use whitespace to induce a feeling of elegance and luxury to your readers. If you think for a second, you have seen generous whitespace combined with photography and typography in many luxury markets. In addition, whitespace will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your website. Furthermore, by being very generous with the amount of whitespace you use, you transmit the idea that the product is the most important for you, irrespective of how the website looks like.

  • Whitespace is a communication vehicle

When used appropriately, whitespace can bring many advantages to your business. It helps you generate a flow of ideas and create a balance between your design elements. In addition, whitespace will also help you create symmetry or asymmetry. Either way, you use it, whitespace helps you transmit a certain message to your audience. On one hand, symmetry will help you create harmony. On the other hand, asymmetry is excellent when you want to raise attention over a particular part of your webpage. It becomes obvious that if you use asymmetrical space, you will focus your customers’ attention on that element.

  • Attract your readers’ attention

There are many website developers who are taken over by the desire to present as much information as possible to their audience. Thus, they have the tendency to overcrowd their webpages with too many elements and information. A website which is ranked first on search engines should also have enough breathing room. When you clutter your interface, you will confuse your visitors as they won’t know on which elements to focus. Thus, you should remove distractions and replace them with whitespace. In addition, whitespace will also help you redirect your readers’ eyes toward relevant content.

Wrapping Up

You should think of whitespace as an empty canvas which you can use to your advantage. It represents a powerful design tool for any website designer. Even though it might be very simple to use, whitespace requires both an artistic taste and knowledge. When used inappropriately, whitespace will do more harm than good.