What is Network Marketing? Questions to Ask Before Joining

There are no restrictions on the size of a network marketing organization. This occurs because businesses may form partnerships with a large number of people to become distributors. Distributors can also work together with other sub-distributors to increase the company’s sales.

What is network marketing?

Network marketing is a method of marketing that relies on individuals harnessing their personal networks to grow a business or sell a product. These networks are used to generate leads and recruit customers or partners, usually implementing a training and mentorship process for new recruits.

Network marketing can be broken down into three essential categories. These categories are similar in that they call upon individuals to use their personal networks to run their businesses. Through these networks, individuals make sales or recruit others to sell products.

Direct marketing

This single-tier marketing system requires an individual to sign up for a program to sell a product or service. Individuals who sign up for these programs do not need to recruit other distributors and are paid only on the direct sales they make.

Direct marketing is the most immediate form of sales. Find a product you like and get your friends and family to buy into it. A few top companies involved in this type of network marketing are Mary Kay cosmetics, Avon cosmetics, and Pampered Chef kitchen supplies.

Affiliate marketing

A newer aspect of network marketing is using online affiliate marketing programs. Website owners and bloggers integrate links to specific products on their platforms. When people click on those links and purchase products, the website owner is rewarded a referral fee. This provides customers with access to a trusted site where they can immediately purchase the products being advertised.

It’s important for those using affiliate links to be transparent about that. A simple disclaimer at the bottom of a blog post fits this purpose and lets your audience know that you’re making money from these links. Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the most well known, but Partnerize and Google’s Affiliate Network are also options.

Multi-level marketing

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a distribution-based marketing network that includes direct sales and a downline of distributors. These home businesses tend to get a lot of bad press for their similarity to pyramid schemes. In reality, they have one key difference. Where pyramid schemes require people to invest in a false promise of wealth, MLM organizations sell real products or services that distributors believe in.

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During the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, a large number of new products were being invented that needed to be sold to consumers. These products were often complex and required explanation to potential buyers. Network marketing began to hit its stride following World War II in the 1940s with the California Vitamin Company (renamed Nutrilite in 1939) and the California Perfume Company (now Avon).

The products produced by the California Vitamin Company were in such high demand that founder Carl Rehnborg began recruiting independent distributors to increase the number of salespeople. These independent distributors were instructed to find new distributors in their circles of friends, acquaintances, and customers. The representatives were paid on the sales of the distributors they personally recruited.

In 1959, two employees of Nutrilite, Rick de Vos and Jan van Andel, founded their own company: Amway. Amway was created using the MLM organizational structure and paved the way for MLM companies to be established in other countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and France. Amway allowed for companies like Panasonic, Palmolive, and MasterCard to include network marketing in their omnichannel marketing strategies. Amway’s success has even led them to sponsor an NBA arena, the Orlando Magic’s Amway Center (and the older Amway Arena), since 1989.


By the 1980s, the landscape of U.S. economics was transformed. A financial boom coincided with women entering commercial life. These women were a huge target for network marketing companies, as they sought jobs that allowed them to earn money without neglecting their children and families. Women were able to acquire high positions within these companies, creating opportunities for women to achieve financial independence without giving up their families.

At the end of the 1990s, network marketers were learning to harness the power of the internet. The implementation of online shops and electronic orders made employing social networks much easier for individual distributors and businesses. Since the rise of social media platforms, it’s become common to see advertisements by people in your network for companies like Rodan + Fields or ItWorks.

What to consider when entering network marketing

You value the people in your life, so protect them and only market what you personally find valuable.

Like in any career, you need to make sure you are securing yourself and your customers. A large number of scams exist, claiming to be network marketing opportunities. Use the simple checklist above to begin research into network marketing organizations.

Additionally, have a clear understanding of how this affects your taxes and finances. If you’re not versed in accounting, consider hiring an accountant. There are many people who specialize in dealing with home-based businesses.

Mentorships are key to successful network marketing

If you joined a network marketing organization, chances are you were recruited by someone you know. This person has likely been around longer than you and should function as your mentor until you get off your feet.

Network marketing is here to stay

As you go forward and employ your network to sell a product or service, keep in mind that before they are your customers, they are your friends and family. Building a great relationship first and selling a product second is the way to be an effective and successful network marketer.

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Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business concept that grows a company by relying on a network of distributors. To create money usually entails the use of three fundamental types of systematic strategies: lead generation, hiring, and building and management. Network marketing is divided into three categories: single-tier, two-tier, and multi-level.

Simply speaking, Network marketing is a business concept that relies on independent agents selling to other people, generally from their homes. You may need to develop a network of business partners or salespeople to help you generate leads and close sales if you start a network marketing firm.

Terms related to Network Marketing

Direct Sales: Network marketing companies promote and sell their products directly to customers, rather than through a well-defined distribution channel. The participants are given the job of selling the items, and they are paid a commission for each sale they make.

Upline: All distributors in the hierarchy above a member’s personal sponsor. All the way up to the Head of Sales is the upline. On sales made by downline partners, all distributors in the upline get a commission.

Plan: It Makes a list of all the many methods salespeople may earn money. The plan also demonstrates how pay varies based on sales volume and the number of partners recruited. For their staff, reputable organizations make the strategy as open as feasible.

What are the Types of Network Marketing?

Single-tier Network Marketing

You join a company’s affiliate program to sell its products or services through single-tier network marketing. You don’t need to recruit other distributors, and direct sales are your only source of income. Avon, a well-known cosmetics firm, employs single-tier networking marketing.

Two-tier Network Marketing

Two-tier network marketing, unlike single-tier network marketing, requires some recruitment, but your compensation isn’t entirely dependent on it. You get compensated for direct sales (or traffic driven to a website) as well as direct sales or recommended traffic generated by affiliates or distributors you choose to work for you.

Multi-level Network Marketing

Some direct sales organizations employ multi-level marketing (MLM) to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors in exchange for a portion of their recruits’ sales. The recruits are the “downline” of the distributor. Distributors also profit from direct product sales to clients.

Best Multi-Level Network Marketing Software

Infinite MLM Software


Epixel is another network marketing software that helps you launch your network marketing business and grow 10x faster using its intelligent workflow automation module. It is a fully-featured, truly customizable solution.

Epixel software combines your brand-specific requirements with scalable features for multi-level marketing management. Epixel MLM Growth Platform enables you to manage customers and teams quickly while also tracking sales.

MLM Solution Hub

MLM Solution hub is basically an MLM product supplier, which also makes people aware of the best company having stability in the market. Multi-level marketing companies can avail its wide range of product and services.

Hybrid MLM

Hybrid MLM is a customizable MLM Software that skyrockets the growth of any multi level marketing business. It is a web application loaded with features through which businesses can keep a complete tab on its down lines and commissions.

Global MLM

Global MLM software helps start MLM business with customized products and services. This solution is integrated with software like Codeigniter, Mongo Database, and Solar technology to handle millions of users with no downtime. They offer the best hosting services to help you make your presence global.

Presently, there are so many companies whose business model is based on network marketing. Some of the biggest examples are Avon, Amway, Herbalife, and 4life.
If you are good at building and managing large contacts, then network marketing is a good career option. In this job, you are your own boss and employee. It’s perfect for people who can’t go out for work.

Every experience teaches you lessons for life. Similarly, network marketing is good because it helps enhance your selling and negotiations skills. It lets you make quick money by selling products directly to people in your network and convincing them to join your multi level marketing program.

Starting a career in network marketing isn’t difficult. You can become a network marketer with a small investment and a competitive mindset. MLM is a form of business in which you can make money by working from home or anywhere. All you need to do is sell products and refer and recruit new people to the same model.

You can choose network marketing as a career because it helps you earn money by working from home by leveraging your contacts. It enhances your skill sets and helps you make more money by selling products person to person and onboarding new members to the distribution program.

Network marketing makes you rich by money and by skills. It provides people with the opportunity to learn how a business operates and prepares them to become entrepreneurs. If you have an extensive network of contacts, you can sell the products to them and make a lot of money.

Multi-level marketing is legal as long as it conforms to disclosure of rules and provides clients with a tangible product ‌ to sell and earn money. Multi level marketing schemes can help in making quick money, but you need to be aware of fraud MLM schemes.

By the end of 2021, we can expect the network marketing industry to be worth INR159.3 billion, and INR645 billion by 2025. We may easily conclude that network marketing’s growth in India is highly promising.

A business model based on person-to-person sales of a product or service is known as network marketing. It entails assembling a team of individuals who can pitch products to a diverse set of potential clients. The MLM scheme allows you to make money through direct selling and by adding new members to the scheme.

MLM, also known as multi-level network marketing, is a form of pyramid selling, in which the MLM company’s revenue comes from a group of non-salaried workforce who sell the company’s products. And the participants’ earnings come from either through commission on direct selling or by recruiting new members to the distribution network.

MLM business is related to person to person selling. Such businesses bring onboard people who can buy their products at discounted rates and sell those further among their contacts. The MLM business profits through higher conversions, while the distributor earns margin on sales.

Multi level marketing is the practice of direct selling where a person earns commission by selling products or services on behalf of a company. Participants earn commission on every sale as well as the conversion done by any person whom they bring onboard.


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