what time does school start in uk

what time does school start in uk

Children must stay in full-time education until they reach school leaving age.
Most children start school full-time in the September after they turn 4.

Part-time reception pupils attend between 8.45-11.45am.
All children will have a 15 minute break in the morning, usually between 10.15-10.30am. KS1 children will also have a mid-afternoon break. Lunch time break is 12.00-12.55pm for all pupils.

Please Note : On Monday 21 st September 2020 we will broadcast our first ever Virtual Open Evening
that our planned programme of events will help you through the process.

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Thank you for all the support that you have given the school during the difficult times that we have experienced during lock-down, and for the numerous good wishes we have received from appreciative parents for the manner in which we have dealt with this unique situation.

The Sunday Times Parent Power Guide 2020
The Sunday Times Parent Power Guide 2020

There are 195 school days in a year.
These dates are for community and voluntary controlled schools in Essex.

This is a unique opportunity for your child to be one of the first cohorts to secure a place at Didsbury High School, with the prospect of going on to study at the school’s Sixth Form.
For help supporting young people who may be worried about coronavirus click here

Find out our planned school term dates, and look up any unplanned school closures.
The school year is 195 days altogether. Five of these days are used for staff training (inset days), so that means pupils go to school for 190 days a year.

Our motto sapere aude sums up what we offer in the sixth form: education with added daring to make you the best you can be! Our A level courses are traditional, excellent and, very successfully, add value to your qualifications. We focus on these courses as we know they are those most recognised and sought after by universities and employers.
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